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What to Do When You’ve Been in an Accident and Your Vehicle is Drivable

What exactly is vehicle that is drivable? a situation where the damage is not bad and you driving your car won’t make the damage any worse. If you got into an accident with another vehicle, make sure you call the police and get the following info from the other person:

  • License plate #
  • Name
  • Telephone #
  • Insurance company, policy # and phone #

It is important to know that if you have only liability only on your vehicle your policy doesn’t provide coverage for damage to your vehicle or rental car coverage. If you are 100% sure it was your fault you can turn in directly to your insurance company with the #’s below.

If you are unsure who’s at fault and the vehicle is drivable, we recommend calling our office before turning in a claim, we can help determine if it was your fault or not. If 100% sure it was not your fault, you have 2 options: wait to hear from the other insurance provider, or turn into your company (your deductible may apply) and they will settle the claim and go behind the scenes to get you reimbursed for your deductible(sometimes your deductible gets waived instantly other times you might have to wait several weeks before getting reimbursed).

The key in a non emergency situation is to figure out who was at fault. If not your fault and the other insurance company hasn’t contacted you within a few days we recommend turning into your insurance company to speed up the process.

Carrier Numbers to File a Claim:

AAA: 800-207-3618

Auto Owners: 888-252-4626

Grange: 800-445-3030

Progressive: 800-925-2886

Safeco: 800-332-3226

Travelers: 800-252-4633

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