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Renewal Peace of Mind

Renewal Peace of Mind, RPM, is your long term insurance solution and is included free of charge with every policy Scott Wenclewicz Insurance Group offers.

RPM is pretty exclusive. Most of the “Big” insurance companies – State Farm, Farm Bureau, All State, Liberty Mutual, American Family, Farmers, Progressive, Geico & USAA- can’t even offer RPM or anything remotely close.

The biggest reason why is because they can’t offer coverage and pricing of any other company besides themselves. But we can and here is how RPM works:

1st Step
Every year that your policies renew, Scott Wenclewicz Insurance Group gets proactive! Typically 30 days before your renewals Scott Wenclewicz Insurance Group looks to identify the following options on your current renewal:

  • Payment plan discounts
  • Deductible options & savings
  • Coverage adjustments
  • New discounts available
  • Insurance score updating
  • New platforms within companies
  • Claims or incidents falling off

2nd Step
Once it is determined your current renewal is updated and accurate, Scott Wenclewicz Insurance Group does not stop there. We will then compare your current renewal with all of its updates to the pricing and options from 6 other companies that we represent.

3rd Step
Overall package evaluation, products we offer that could benefit you and any recent life changes, including life insurance and umbrella insurance.

All of this work without you having to lift a finger, saving you time, hassle and money! You receive an unbiased opinion of the best plan for you and your family. Things do change – new house, new car, having a baby, adding drivers to your policy, claims, speeding tickets, job promotions etc. It is not uncommon for another insurance provider that we represent to be a better fit upon renewal as these changes occur; so, you can switch insurance companies and still stay with Scott Wenclewicz Insurance.

Industry Experts have recommended we charge for this service. But that is the best part of RPM, we provide this service to you for free. It is simply the right thing to do.

RPM is your long term solution, and it is included free of charge with every policy we offer!

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