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The Hidden Costs of Insurance

People often only focus on the premium for their policy, and don’t realize the many hidden costs that are involved. We want the lowest premium for you as well, but we won’t gloss over/not include important coverage that will save you thousands when a claim happens!

Hidden Costs for Auto Insurance

  • 12 month policy vs 6 month policy
  • Roadside and Rental car coverage
  • Proper liability limits in case someone gets hurt
  • Proper property damage in case you get in a multi car accident
  • Advocate before, during and after claim
  • Best priced and satisfaction guaranteed auto glass recommendation

Hidden Costs for Home Insurance

  • Full replacement cost on house, along with roof and personal property
  • Flat low deductible, not based on the value of your home
  • Inflation protection on your rebuilding cost
  • Water backup for crawl spaces and unfinished basements
  • Higher coverage if not unlimited water backup for finished basements
  • $500,000 worth of liability coverage
  • Scheduling your more expensive jewelry
  • Best emergency claims contractor recommendation, satisfaction guaranteed

General Hidden Costs 

  • Extra coverage for almost nothing, that most agents wouldn’t recommend if only focused on low premium
  • Best insurance company representation, along with evolving insurance company representation
  • Never cancel guarantee

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