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Loans and Insurance?

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Whether it is your auto, home or business policy…you will get letters in the mail from your lender requesting your insurance information.  It doesn’t matter if you just switched to us or have been a client for a long time…this can happen, don’t panic! 

Why does this happen? 

Either the lender is not listed on your policy (and they need to be) or they need to update how they are listed on the policy (new mailing address, etc)

Solution to the problem!!! Email the letter to: service@wenc-insurance.com or fax it to: 288-5103.

We will work directly with the lender to make sure they have the proper paperwork they need.  Also we will make any corrections on how they need to be listed on your policy.

Every lender is different and every lender wants things done a certain way, part of the service we provide is to do this on your behalf.

If you are getting a new loan for either a car or property we take the same approach.  Give the lender our contact info and have them work directly with us.  We have found this saves our clients a lot of time and head ache.

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