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Don’t Get Soaked!!!

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Of all the appliances in your home, the water heater and washing machine are the most likely to cause serious damage…

1 out of every 10 water-damage claims are traced to malfunctioning water heaters and washing machines. These two machines are more likely than Mother Nature to cause damage to your home.

In fact, water is the most common cause of home damage today, even more likely than fire!

Our advice on reducing your chances of water damage:

Replace old water heaters. They do damage when they get too old and the tank rusts and bursts. Replace your tank once a decade.

Stainless steel hoses. Inspect standard rubber or plastic hoses used with the appliances and consider replacing them with stainless steel-braided or mesh hoses.  A $10 braided steel hose can save thousands.

Turn it off before you leave. Don’t leave dishwashers and washing machines running if you leave the house.

Check attic air conditioners. At least once a year, go up to the attic or roof to check these appliances. Look for wear and tear or loose connections.

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