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Life Insurance Articles

Great Gift Idea!!!

Do you have a God-son/God-daughter? Grandson/Granddaughter? Nephew/Niece? Or maybe you just want to protect your own child? We strongly recommend you look into a children’s life insurance policy.  One of the best gifts you can ever give for a child you care about! If you started a child life policy with a face amount of $25,000, automatically at age 18 coverage would go to $37,500(with no increase in premium) and then at 25 the face amount would increase again to $50,000(again with no increase in premium)

How Does One Best Determine What The Best Life Insurance Policies Are Given All Of The Options For Life Insurance Through One’s Employer And The Private Sector?

Great question! We highly recommend consulting with us.  There is no perfect life policy in general, but there can be one for your particulator situation.  Every person has different priorities and we will work with you to figure out exactly what your biggest needs are and help you get exactly what you want. By being independent, we represent multiple companies.  Once we figure out together what is best for you, we can make sure we find the best pricing and coverage to help protect your loved ones.

Insurance: Agent vs. Online

It amazes us how many people think buying on-line is the way to go. It makes sense though right? By cutting out the middle man(insurance agent) the insured gets a better deal. Wrong. Not only is the insured probably not getting the best price, there are many other things the insured is missing out on as well. Price? We have the best price on 72% of our quotes to new clients. And that is just on price alone…. Coverage? On-line you have no idea what coverage you should or shouldn’t have. We always make our recommendations and then let our clients … Continue reading

What Are You Worth???

You are valuable to your family in so many ways-you offer love, guidance, time and so much more.  The financial support you provide is one of the most important assets for your family. But what if you’re no longer there?  How would your family cover all of the day-to-day expenses, as well as the plans you’ve made for the future? Replacing Your Income  When thinking about your life insurance needs, a good way to start is to figure out what it would take to replace your income.  Consider your annual income, how long you want to replace it and what … Continue reading

Is Insurance Advertising On The Rise???

-Geico was the largest spender at $993.8 million for the year 2011.  It would be natural to think that they have a large % of U.S. auto policies based on their TV spots.  It could not be further from the truth, in fact they only have an 8.5% market share among all U.S. auto insurers. -Only 3 of our companies made the top 10 list for most insurance advertising dollars spent.  The 3 combined(1 billion) barly surpass the amount spent by Geico alone. -Independent Agents are the walking and talking advertising for the majority of our 7 companies, typically making … Continue reading

Our Commitment To You!!!

Our Commitment to You!!! 1. Respond to all communication in a timely manner 2. Always be accountable 3. Represent the most competitive and financially stable insurance companies 4. Keep you informed and educated through periodic emails/direct mail 5. www.wenc-insurance.com available 24/7 for claim reporting and payment options 6. Invest time and money into continuing education for our entire staff

Why AskWenc.com Was Created

AskWenc.com was created to be an online resource for current clients. Now you have an online site dedicated to you and your insurance needs from insurance expert Scott Wenclewicz.  It is a place you can get some of the most common insurance questions answered, along with valuable information  you would never think of asking. You will still receive your emails about every two weeks with helpful insurance tips, along with  direct mail pieces about every quarter. There may be a few “bugs” so let me know since we just launched 10/25/11! You can look forward to much more content added in the future.  

Companies And Products

In case you don’t know or forgot exactly what areas we specialize in and the companies we represent… Below is a list of all the companies, with access to many more through brokerages if needed. Companies: AAA Auto-Owners Grange Progressive Safeco Travelers Arlington/Roe(brokerage, access to several more companies for business insurance primarily) Market Share(brokerage, access to several more life insurance companies) Below is a list of the areas that we specialize in: Products: Auto Business Home/Condo/Renters Life Motorcycles/Boat/RV’s