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How Can I Report A Claim???

At Wenclewicz Insurance you have the best of both worlds.  Our office hours are M-Fri 8:30am -5:15pm.  During that time we recommend you call our office 317-288-5099 to get our advice about coverage, deductibles, etc.  We can then transfer you directly to the company to “officially” turn in your claim.      During non business hours, we also recommend you call our office 317-288-5099.  You can follow the auto attendent prompts and turn in the claim directly 24/7 to your insurance company.  Our office will follow up with you to make sure that everything is going smoothly with your claim in the days following. You … Continue reading

What Exactly Is An Insurance Score???

An Insurance score uses the credit information from your credit report to assess whether you are more or less likely, compared to other consumers, to have insurance claims in the near future that will result in losses for the insurance company. The percentages below reflect how important each of the general categories is in determining your score: 40% previous credit performance 30% current level of indebtedness 15% length of credit history 10% new credit/pursuit of new credit 5% types of credit used

Loans and Insurance?

Whether it is your auto, home or business policy…you will get letters in the mail from your lender requesting your insurance information.  It doesn’t matter if you just switched to us or have been a client for a long time…this can happen, don’t panic!  Why does this happen?  Either the lender is not listed on your policy (and they need to be) or they need to update how they are listed on the policy (new mailing address, etc) Solution to the problem!!! Email the letter to: service@wenc-insurance.com or fax it to: 288-5103. We will work directly with the lender to … Continue reading

Do I Have A Deductible For Window/Windshield Damage To My Car???

If you have to REPLACE the window/windshield your comprehensive deductible would apply (most of the time the damage doesn’t even equal your deductible, so you would be out of pocket) If it can be REPAIRED without replacing, MOST insurance companies we represent will waive your deductible (they will do it for free) I highly recommend Glass America, they are experts that insurance companies would send you to anyway. A typical front windshield costs anywhere from $200-$300 to completely replace! See below for their website and location in Central Indiana (they are national): www.glassusa.com/indianapolis 6155 East 86th Street, Indianapolis – (317) 537-9557 Value … Continue reading

Why Should You Have A Personal Property Inventory?

The #1 reason is being prepared for a disaster! If you are affected by a fire, burglary, tornado or other loss, an inventory will provide you with the ability to remember and prove what you own(ed). A thorough written report-supported by a detailed album of photos-will help you remember your belongings. The insurance institute states that those with an inventory settle their claims faster and are able to maximize their settlement. We recommend two options:

Insurance: Agent vs. Online

It amazes us how many people think buying on-line is the way to go. It makes sense though right? By cutting out the middle man(insurance agent) the insured gets a better deal. Wrong. Not only is the insured probably not getting the best price, there are many other things the insured is missing out on as well. Price? We have the best price on 72% of our quotes to new clients. And that is just on price alone…. Coverage? On-line you have no idea what coverage you should or shouldn’t have. We always make our recommendations and then let our clients … Continue reading

Earthquake Insurance???

Most standard homeowners, renters and business insurance policies do not cover damage from earthquakes.  In an average year Indiana residents pay $31, 161 for additional earthquake coverage.  That premium amount ranks us the 9th highest for additional premium paid to cover earthquake. 

Does A Home Insurance Policy Cover Your Home Based Business???

In nearly every case, the answer is no. The only exception to this might be if your home policy has a special endorsement. Most home insurance policies give a very limited amount of coverage for your business property, such as a computer, etc. Ultimately you need separate business insurance to cover your business risks. If any of this information applies to you please let us know so we can make sure you are properly covered. Hoping that your home insurance policy covers you in the event of a claim will leave you frustrated if your business experiences a loss.

Our Commitment To You!!!

Our Commitment to You!!! 1. Respond to all communication in a timely manner 2. Always be accountable 3. Represent the most competitive and financially stable insurance companies 4. Keep you informed and educated through periodic emails/direct mail 5. www.wenc-insurance.com available 24/7 for claim reporting and payment options 6. Invest time and money into continuing education for our entire staff

The Easiest Referral Ever

Do you want to win my 2012 referral program, but don’t know how?  The easiest way is by having a friend, family member or co-worker that already is with one of our companies. AAA, Travelers, Grange, Safeco, Auto Owners and Progressive to name a few…If they have a current agent that they are indifferent about, don’t like, or want better service, they can switch to us and keep everything else with their policy the exact same.  Even better we will automatically review their coverage and pricing just to make sure improvements aren’t needed.  They can’t lose, and you can win!