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How Can I Report A Claim???

At Wenclewicz Insurance you have the best of both worlds.  Our office hours are M-Fri 8:30am -5:15pm.  During that time we recommend you call our office 317-288-5099 to get our advice about coverage, deductibles, etc.  We can then transfer you directly to the company to “officially” turn in your claim.      During non business hours, we also recommend you call our office 317-288-5099.  You can follow the auto attendent prompts and turn in the claim directly 24/7 to your insurance company.  Our office will follow up with you to make sure that everything is going smoothly with your claim in the days following. You … Continue reading

What Happens When I Buy A Car During (Wenc Ins) Non Business Hours???

If the new vehicle replaces a vehicle listed on the Dec Page: the coverage, deductibles, and limits of liability will be those provided for the replaced vehicle *Temporary Coverage*   If the new vehicle is an additional vehicle: the coverage, deductibles, and limits of liability will be those provided for the vehicle(s) listed on the Dec Page already *Temporary Coverage* The biggest issue/concern is if the current vehicle that you are replacing has liability only(which means no comprehensive or collision coverage) and you wish to have comprehensive and collision provided for the new vehicle. In this case the company does extend $500 deductibles … Continue reading

What Exactly Is An Insurance Score???

An Insurance score uses the credit information from your credit report to assess whether you are more or less likely, compared to other consumers, to have insurance claims in the near future that will result in losses for the insurance company. The percentages below reflect how important each of the general categories is in determining your score: 40% previous credit performance 30% current level of indebtedness 15% length of credit history 10% new credit/pursuit of new credit 5% types of credit used

Notices From The BMV?

The Indiana BMV is mandated by law to require all individuals involved in an automobile accident to provide proof that they had insurance in place at the time of the accident. The BMV will send a notice via snail mail within 45 days of the accident to ALL individuals involved in an accident.  When you get this notice simply email it to us at service@wenc-insurance.com or fax it to us at 288-5103.  We will handle the rest! Have a SmartPhone?  Take a clear photo of the letter and email it to service@wenc-insurance.com.  

Loans and Insurance?

Whether it is your auto, home or business policy…you will get letters in the mail from your lender requesting your insurance information.  It doesn’t matter if you just switched to us or have been a client for a long time…this can happen, don’t panic!  Why does this happen?  Either the lender is not listed on your policy (and they need to be) or they need to update how they are listed on the policy (new mailing address, etc) Solution to the problem!!! Email the letter to: service@wenc-insurance.com or fax it to: 288-5103. We will work directly with the lender to … Continue reading

Is Anyone Who Drives My Car Covered???

This is a loaded question, so we highly recommend you call and consult with us; however, we will scratch the surface with a response. Your auto insurance policy always follows your vehicle, not the driver of the vehicle.  So if it is your car,  your policy will pay no matter who is driving*(there are exceptions) Or if you are driving someone elses car and you get in an accident their insurance policy will provide coverage.     *If you lend your car to someone that is not listed on your policy and they DO NOT live at your residence or have regular access to … Continue reading

Do I Have A Deductible For Window/Windshield Damage To My Car???

If you have to REPLACE the window/windshield your comprehensive deductible would apply (most of the time the damage doesn’t even equal your deductible, so you would be out of pocket) If it can be REPAIRED without replacing, MOST insurance companies we represent will waive your deductible (they will do it for free) I highly recommend Glass America, they are experts that insurance companies would send you to anyway. A typical front windshield costs anywhere from $200-$300 to completely replace! See below for their website and location in Central Indiana (they are national): www.glassusa.com/indianapolis 6155 East 86th Street, Indianapolis – (317) 537-9557 Value … Continue reading

What Is UMPD???

UMPD, stands for Uninsured Motorist Property Damage. Ya, so what?  Why should you care?  This coverage applies for damage to your vehicle if struck by an uninsured motorist.  Current stats show about 20% of Central Indiana drivers do not have car insurance.  So no matter how safely you drive, you are exposed.  You can’t control how somone else drives…especially someone with no auto insurance.  Every auto policy that we offer  to our clients has this coverage included and at the proper limit(at least the value of your car)  Sadly, we see many new clients not having this coverage or not enough of it before they switch … Continue reading

Insurance: Agent vs. Online

It amazes us how many people think buying on-line is the way to go. It makes sense though right? By cutting out the middle man(insurance agent) the insured gets a better deal. Wrong. Not only is the insured probably not getting the best price, there are many other things the insured is missing out on as well. Price? We have the best price on 72% of our quotes to new clients. And that is just on price alone…. Coverage? On-line you have no idea what coverage you should or shouldn’t have. We always make our recommendations and then let our clients … Continue reading

Is Insurance Advertising On The Rise???

-Geico was the largest spender at $993.8 million for the year 2011.  It would be natural to think that they have a large % of U.S. auto policies based on their TV spots.  It could not be further from the truth, in fact they only have an 8.5% market share among all U.S. auto insurers. -Only 3 of our companies made the top 10 list for most insurance advertising dollars spent.  The 3 combined(1 billion) barly surpass the amount spent by Geico alone. -Independent Agents are the walking and talking advertising for the majority of our 7 companies, typically making … Continue reading